About company

        Our company has been producing original souvenirs with images inside optical glass since 1994. Its activity comprises the following trends:

  • Individual work with corporative clients is a priority trend in LGA. For last several years our team created more than 800 corporative designs using customers materials. Among our clients were both large and small companies.

  • Wholesale deliveries of products. The quality of original products presented in LGAs catalogue is considered to be the best in the world. We accomplish wholesale deliveries to such countries as the USA, Japan, to the countries of South American and Europe.

  • The production of personal presents. Our companys advantage is an individual and creative approach in the production of personal souvenirs, gifts and awards.

  • The production of technological equipment for volumetric laser engraving. Our equipment has a high productivity and was sold to several European countries, the USA and South America.

  • Engraving and marking. Making images of any difficulty on the surface of such materials as plastic, wood, leather, glass, acryl, stone, paper and also stained metal. Cutting of plastic, cardboard and paper.

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